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Hoboken is nicknamed the Mile Square City and sits on the banks of the Hudson River across from Manhattan.  Its rich history goes back to The Lenape Indians and to Colonel John Stevens, who in the early 19th Century bought the land and developed it into a resort for wealthy New Yorkers.  Stevens Institute of Technology bears Colonel Stevens name and is one of the oldest technological universities in the US.

Hoboken has a reputation for being a fun loving town inhabited by a large number of young urban professionals.  The town is filled with gyms, yoga studios, restaurants, trendy boutiques and lots of bars.  The town holds its own St Patty’s Day Festival that is known state wide for being THE place to be for the holiday.  Lines form outside that local taverns as early as 10am for a chance to mingle with your fellow leprechauns!  

In addition to the millennials, the community of Hoboken consists of a melting pot of nationalities and age groups.  There is a wide array of educational choices for young families including Public, Catholic, Charter and a Dual Language School.  Lots of green spaces are available for recreation throughout the city and along the waterfront providing dramatic back drops.  The government provides an array of educational and recreational activities throughout the year for the community including Movies Under The Stars, Arts & Music Festivals, Hoboken House and Artists’ Studio Tours and several Feasts lasting days at a time.  Also Hoboken holds an annual Frank Sinatra Idol Contest as a tribute to its hometown boy.

Today Hoboken retains much of its charm from the past evidenced in the beautiful brownstone architecture found throughout the city.  Mixed with this traditional feel is a more modern style of home seen in large multi leveled condominium buildings.  Old factories have also been refurbished and converted into condo complexes retaining their original names.   There is the Maxwell House condominium complex named for the brand of coffee brewed on the site; The T Building for the Lipton T Factory that was on the land; the area of town known as Shipyard which is in the northern section of town and was originally the ship building area of the city.

Part of the great New York Metropolitan area, Hoboken provides many options for the New York commuter.  There are under water Path trains to the City as well as a Ferry service and buses.  It’s a commuter’s dream with the average time to New York being 10 minutes during rush hour.